Monday, July 29, 2013

Learning how to manage data with High Performance features

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  Robust Data Management with a wide variety of High Performance Features  

In present times, organizations demand greater quantities of information, more sophisticated forms of data analysis and cater to a larger user population. Hence the need to develop a system complete with in-built database advanced analytics which offer a fast, reliable, and cost effective platform for data warehousing and online transaction processing workloads. The system makes it easy to scale the various complex reporting processes and also offers database consolidation which is easy to manage and less expensive.

The idea is to provide the broadest and most integrated portfolio of products to help acquire and organize diverse data sources and then analyze it to provide new insights and capitalize on hidden relationships.

Hence, enterprises are offered complete packages, inclusive of servers, storage networks and software which are scalable and redundant. These easily integrate information and analyze large volumes of data

Key benefits:
  Low costs
  Accelerated performance for all workloads
  Reduces database storage requirements
  Offers faster access to critical information
  Utilizes existing Oracle resources
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