Saturday, July 27, 2013

Get extreme value & performance for your database and applications

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Get extreme value & performance for your database and applications

Businesses today need more powerful computing tools to exploit big database & utilize analytics for maximum growth opportunities, the answer to which are Oracle's new SPARC T5 servers.

Oracle has refreshed its mid-range and high-end SPARC server lines with SPARC T5 mid-range servers based on SPARC T5, world's fastest microprocessor. SPARC T5 is world's best platforms for enterprise computing; the proof of which are 17 world records that it has set!

The Architecture

The Architecture

SPARC T5 has a robust architecture that delivers real performance to a wide range of application, from OLTP transactional workloads, to data warehousing, as well as single-thread sensitive batch operations.

It is a single chip multiprocessor with 16 physical processor cores. In addition to outstanding multithreaded performance, the SPARC T5 processor offers greatly improved single-thread performance, while still scaling to very high levels of throughput.

New SPARC T Series

Realize your Data Centre’s true potential
with New SPARC T Series

Download the e-book to get a quick introduction to the many technical and business benefits of Oracle's SPARC T-Series server range.

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The SPARC Difference

The SPARC Difference : Reduce Risks, Cut Costs,
Power Innovation

The current economic scenario requires a smarter strategy to consolidate and refresh existing IT infrastructures. The Oracle SPARC technology can add real value by dramatically transforming IT into a force for change and innovation; moreover, Oracle SPARC T5 is engineered for the cloud as well as the data center.

Oracle's SPARC powers innovation by:

Simplifying IT
Vertically integrated systems and optimized solutions enable faster deployments, complete stack management capabilities, and minimized system outages.

Increasing performance and flexibility
Systems and software engineered for maximum performance drive up end user productivity levels by delivering faster application response.

Reducing risk
With Oracle Red Stack Engineering, the risk of incompatibilities is virtually eliminated.

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