Saturday, December 5, 2015


Dear Friend,
You may be surprised to receive this message from me since you dont know me in person, but for the purpose of introduction, I am Mr. Beno Hamadi senior Manager of ( GUARANTYTRUST BANK OF KENYA) African Banking Corporation Limited Africa.
I got your contact through your country's Information Exchange On line, and then I decided to write you. I am writing to solicit your assistance in the Handling of US$25.5Million (Twenty Five Million, Five Hundred Thousand United state Dollars ) .
This fund is an excess of what my branch in which I am the Senior manager made as profit last year. I have already submitted an approved End of the Year 2014 report to my Head Office and they will never know of this Excess.
I have since then, placed this amount of US$25.5 Million (Twenty Five Million, Five Hundred Thousand United state Dollars) .on a SUSPENSE SECURITY without a beneficiary. As an officer of the bank, I cannot be directly connected to this money thus I am impelled to request for your assistance to receive this money as the beneficiary of the funds.
I intend to part 50% of this fund to you while 50% shall be for me. I do need to stress that there are practically no-risk involved in this. It's going to be a direct transaction. All I need from you is to stand as the original depositor of this fund. If you accept this offer.
I will appreciate your timely response
With regards,
Mr Beno Hamadi.
Please reply to (

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