Thursday, May 22, 2014

The #1 Database – Now in the Cloud

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Tired of managing your database servers
Try #1 Database in the Cloud
The growth of cloud services is fundamentally changing the delivery model of IT applications within the enterprise. The latest IDC 2012 Survey shows that by 2015 less than 30% of IT spend in India will be directed at on premise IT solutions. Cloud Based IT Applications (public, private, virtual private) would be the dominant IT delivery model. Against that backdrop, organizations are going to have to increasingly adopting cloud service platforms that enable faster development and deployment of applications while ensuring enterprise grade security and reliability.

Try the #1 Database in the Cloud. The Oracle Database Cloud Service provides a rapid path to business value by removing the hassles of maintenance and scaling while ensuring enterprise grade security and reliability. A simplified pricing module lowers business effort enabling business to obtain value far more easily. Find out more on how your business can leverage the power of database as a service.
Try Java in the Cloud
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