Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Drive Better Business Outcomes with an integrated approach to Business Analytics

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  Learn About An Integrated Approach To Business Analytics To Drive Better Business Outcomes  

Recent advances in analytics-such as big data, mobility, in-memory processing along with further emphasis on visual analysis tools-could fundamentally change your business. Analytics solutions are ready to deliver revolutionary insights into customer behavior and enable you to identify market trends.

Social media requirements and the need to integrate analytics with operational business processes is driving real time business analytics.

Taking an integrated approach to analytics helps cover all aspects of the big data and analytics lifecycle-from data acquisition and discovery to real-time planning, prediction, and action-anywhere, anytime!

Let's consider a recent case where Business Intelligence solutions were put into action. The Indian Overseas Bank which has close to 2500 branches all over the country, implemented these solutions with the intent of cutting operating costs, improving distribution and reducing the time taken for performance analysis.

The results were impressive:
  It allowed the bank to perform real-time analysis resulting in saving US$2 million
  Helped the bank cut planning schedules by 45 Worker Days per year.
  Reduced data duplication and errors by close to 65%
  Helped gain a 360-degree view of customer data, which enabled branch staff to identify opportunities to cross-sell the bank's products to various customer segments
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